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Protocol from camping la Jonquille regarding Covid-19

Dear guests,

Thank you for looking forward to spending

your holiday with us again!
We wish everyone, despite Covid-19, a wonderfully relaxing time to recover from all the tensions of the past period.We assume that everyone wants to cooperate to ensure that relaxed atmosphere for each other. Common sense, kindness and soap are among the main weapons here! We certainly do not intend to be a police officer. Rules can be in the div. homelands of your fellow guests differ, by talking to each other misunderstandings can be avoided.
In France, a distance of 1 meter between 2 people applies: also between children. So talk to each other as parents or ask us to help if the language is a barrier: we are happy to do this! Face masks desirable in supermarkets or other busier meeting places, for example. Face masks are really mandatory in public transport. What we have taken as precautions:
* As always, we keep the sanitary facilities clean, and we will also disinfect several times a day.
* You will understand that it is impossible to walk behind everyone who has been to the toilet or shower, so we always ask you to disinfect the door handle, toilet seat, faucet etc. with the alcohol solution and a cloth that is ready in the 2 buildings. Great if you also want to guide your children here.
* We close between lying showers, washbasins and toilets, so you are / are less close to each other and the number of guests who are in the sanitary at the same time is less.
* We ask guests with their own sanitary facilities in the caravan or motorhome to use them as much as possible.
* Try to avoid the "shower peaks" (usually at the beginning and end of the day). If this is difficult, we canmake shower schedules, but we try to avoid this because it limits your preciousfreedom!
* The reception and the shop remain open as you are used to with some minor non-burdensome adjustments.
* The cafe is open from 17:00 to 19:00, taking into account the 1 m distance, the Monday meals are the same.
* If you rent an accommodation, we ask you to use your own bed linen and
bath towels.
* Due to airing, cleaning and disinfection, we need more time between the tenants of accommodations. Therefore, we kindly ask you not to arrive before 16:00 and to leave before 10:00. Thank you for understanding!
With these measures we hope to prevent you from getting sick if you do get complaints:You can use our infrared thermometer.We are happy to guide you during a visit to the doctor and we will not abandon anyone who might turn out to be sick!
Some measures may not work well in practice and we therefore need to adjustthem. We would like to hear your findings and appreciate it very much if you want to think along to come up with solutions.
Due to the purchase of disinfectants, extra soap, extra help with cleaning, etc. we charge 1 Euro surcharge per night (not per person).

Trusting your understanding and

cooperation, we assume that we will have a wonderful summer together!