The village  Hurecourt lays on the slopes of the ‘Vosges Saônoises’.

A real paradise for nature lovers.

The name ‘Hurecourt’ comes from ‘hure’ which means ‘swine head’. In early days the valley, where now lays the village , was a meeting place for wild swine. They were attracted to the well that still exists. So: welcome to ‘Swine headcourt’

There are lots of things to do in the area, besides countless hiking- and cycle trails  you can practice climbing, swimming in clear rivers and lakes, all sorts of (water)sports. Visit a glass factory with demonstration glass blowing, treetop circuits, castles, flea markets and so on. The list is too long.

In the village Vauvillers at 5 lm you can get all basic necessities. Beside the bakery , the butcher and a small grocery shop  there is also a bank, a post office, a hotel and a restaurant
You will find a gas station, a haircutter, and a flower shop.
As well as the doctor you might hopefully not need the dentist, but in case of they are there.