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The camp site is 800 mtr outside Hurecourt which church bells you can hear twice every hour.

This small village counts 45 inhabitants, only.

The name ‘Hurecourt’ comes from ‘hure’ which means ‘swine head’. In early days the valley, where now lays the village , was a meeting place for wild swine. They were attracted to the well that still exists. So: welcome to ‘Swine headcourt’

There are lots of things to do in the area, besides countless hiking- and cycle trails  you can practice climbing, swimming in clear rivers and lakes, all sorts of (water)sports. Visit a glass factory with demonstration glass blowing, treetop circuits, castles, flea markets and so on. The list is too long.

In the village Vauvillers at 5 lm you can get all basic necessities. Beside the bakery , the butcher and a small grocery shop  there is also a bank, a post office, a hotel and a restaurant
You will find a gas station, a haircutter, and a flower shop.
As well as the doctor you might hopefully not need the dentist, but in case of they are there.